About us


Ma Maison + Co (formally Ambiente) is a home decor and lifestyle items store located in Tsawwassen, BC that was founded by Jutta Rapp in 2001 - out of a love for inspired living; and a desire to encourage shoppers to create their own little piece of paradise with thoughtful touches and unique pieces to proudly display throughout their homes and lives.

In 2018, Mark and Joanie took ownership of the store with the intention of carrying on the legacy that Jutta started; by operating a fine home decor and lifestyle items store where shoppers can find the perfect finishing touches they’ve been looking for - in a warm and welcoming atmosphere, where customers are treated like family. 

Unlike your usual shopping experiences, Ma Maison is a place where you can come and relax for a while, mingle with your friends and neighbours, or have a cup of coffee with Joanie - who’s always down for a chat or to provide helpful decorating advice. 

In your new home away from home, you’ll find a multitude of pretty, unique, and lovely things to help ensure your home looks its best. Overflowing with vibrant throw pillows and cozy blankets, luxe body and bath products, refreshing scents for your home, diverse kitchenware, flattering jewelry, functional and stylish furniture, and unique shelf display items - they truly have a little of everything for everyone.

Let them help you create a home that tells the story of who you are, filled with things you love - with their diverse selection of stunning home decor and lifestyle items. From their family to yours - they can’t wait for you to come to visit them, and please, stay awhile.

Oh, and please don’t forget to pet their doggies when you visit (they love the attention!)

-Mark, Joanie, and the dogs (woof!) 


-Mark, Joanie and the dogs

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